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Welcome to the Professional Computer Services Home Page.

 PCS is happy to serve the local area with networking and software support, and repair services for most brands.  Having the opportunity to service most computer brands, we have the unique advantage of seeing which systems are reliable, and which systems should have never been sold in the first place!!

If you bought a cheap computer, it really is!

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Last Update:   16 June 2015

Most Interesting Problem last month:

(2 people) When you sit on your laptop - the screen sometimes gets cracked.....

Dumbest Problem this month:

Microsoft called me and told me I had a virus. Then they told me I had to pay $200 for them to clean it.
(so I did!!) Had trouble understanding him with his accent...

HINT:  I have a minimum bench charge to check out equipment - don't waste my time and your money by overlooking the obvious!!

I have found the following programs to be excellent in cleaning junk programs off your computer:

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

AVG Free Anti virus


If you or someone you know wants to impress someone with a poem or speech, but can't put together a logical sentence, try this service:


If you are getting a lot of spam, join Spamcop.net and submit your spam. They will notify the ISP where the spam originates from and get them suspended! It really works - I only get 3 or 4 a day now.


(Take out the xxx's from the email address - we put it in there to fool SPAM email bots.)